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Parish Registers 

The Rector and Wardens of the Church of St. Lawrence are pleased to be able to make available images of the parish records on the Internet.

Thanks are due to our Historian for spending hours in the County Records Office at Warwick to make copies which have been used to create the images presented here. We are grateful to a student in the village who, as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Awards Community Service Project, set about the task of scanning and preparation of the images and to the webmaster for supporting her in creating this site. 

Finally we acknowledge the assistance received from the County Records Office at Warwick who care for the original documents and who have supported this project.

Please Note: an interesting detail about the Registers. It was only in 1752 that the beginning of the year began to be counted as January 1st - up to then the year started on March 25th. It is not clear exactly when this change occurred. Looking through the Oxhill Registers baptisms up to 1752 are entered for the new year from April onwards.  Then, in 1753, there seems a slight hiccup in that the heading  "1753"  is not written on a separate line as usual, but has had to be squashed in before a baptism entry in February.  Either the Rector had not remembered in time to change his wonted practice, and to enter it in its new position, or the instructions about doing so had reached Oxhill a little late! Following on from this, strictly speaking births, deaths etc pre 1752 in Jan and Feb belong (by our reckoning) a year later than they are entered.

Baptisms -

1568 - 1840

Banns of Marriage - 1754 - 1794
Marriages - 1569 - 1837
Burials - 1568 - 1841
Memorials - BMSGH Survey 1989

The Registers presented on this site are copyright and the property of St. Lawrence Church Oxhill. They are reproduced here with the permission of the Rector. By downloading any image from this site you agree that it is used for personal research purposes only and will not be reproduced or published in any form. The original documents are on deposit for safe keeping at the  County Records Office Warwick where micro-film copies are available for inspection. The micro-film was used to prepare the images on this site.

This site was constructed by an Alcester Grammar School student as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Community Service Project. 

This site is maintained by villagers of Oxhill for the benefit of the community and those interested in the history, news and activities that make the village such a pleasant place to live.

Sorry but we are unable to accept any enquiries about the records presented on this section of the site as we have no access to the original documents. The images are the best available.

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