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Oxhill in the Early Years

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Names in Feet of Fines

Date Reference Names
1220-1221 No 259 Terry de Wichford,
Nicholas de Wichford,
 Gilbert de Berengeworth and Sarah his wife daughter of Richard de Warewic,
 Geoffrey de Flicksburg,
 Matthew de Dunton father of Terry de Wichford
1226-1227 No 404 Henry de Welles and Maud his wife, Robert de Fulria and Isabel his wife and their sons Roger and Jordan
1238-1239 No 562 Nicholas de Wychesford, Pet.  Philip, abbot of Bordele, ten.  4 virgates of land in Ocheshulle. Pet. acknowledged rigth of ten., as of his gift, to hold in frankalmoin, doing the foreign service thereon for all service.  Warranty against all men.  Ten. received pl. and his heirs into all the benefits etc.
1299-1300 No 1163 John Dymmok and Felicia his wife; Peter son of John de Weston
1311-1312 No 1344 John son of John Dymmok and Elizabeth his wife; John son of Henry Dymmok and Felicia his wife; Peter de Weston
1314-1315 No 1424 Hawise de Kaynes; William de Kaynes and Margaret his wife; Luke de Dodeford
1315-1316 No 1473 Simon Gos of Oxshulue and Julian his wife
1318-1319 No 1519 Ralph de Shirleye son of James; Isabel de Ebindon, Roger de Perton, Richard de Lillington, Margaret dau. of Walter Waldeshef
1353-1354 No 2050 John atte Bate and Maud his wife, his daughters Margery and Margaret, John Dymmok the elder and Alesia his wife
1360-1361 No 2087 John de Somerton and Alesia his wife, John de Tiwe and Margaret his wife
1360-1361 No 2090 William de Honyngton and Emma his wife and son John; John Dymmok
1506-1507? No 2809 John Norwode; John Robyns; John Underhill and Agnes his wife and sons Robert and Thomas; William Underhill

Names in Terrier for Whatcote relating to Oxhill

Date Reference Names
1616 William Walton, Makepeace, Anthony Glackford, Mr Townsend, Anthony Eden, Marshal

Details extracted from Dugdale Society publications with thanks to Philip Ward

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