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June 2004


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June 1

Is the National Day of Tunisia .

It is also the Feast day of Saints Gwen of Brittany, Justin, Nicomedes, Ronan, Whyte, Wistan, Symeon of Syracuse, Caprasius of Lérins, Pamphilus of Caesarea, Inigo, Proculus the Soldier, Proculus the Bishop, and Theobald of Alba.

And it was the date in 1679 when the Scottish Covenanters defeated Royal troops under Claverhouse at Drumclog, in 1792 when Kentucky became the 15th US state, in 1915 when the first Zeppelin attack on London took place, in 1946 when Television licences were issued in Britain for the first time; they cost £2, in 1957 when ERNIE drew the first premium bond prizes in Britain, in 1958 when Iceland extended its fishery limits to 12 miles and in 1994 when South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth.

It was the birthdate in 1796 of Nicolas Carnot, the French founder of thermodynamics, in 1801 of Brigham Young and in 1926 of Marilyn Monroe.

Finally, at least for them on this earth, it was the day in 1815 when James Gillray, in 1941 when Hugh Walpole and in 1943 when Leslie Howard  died.


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