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It all starts with Jan

Janus - the Roman god of all openings, including doorways and passageways, and the beginning of the day, month, and year.  January was dedicated to him.  He is represented as having two faces, one looking forwards and one back, (in sculpture, a herm), and was associated with wisdom because he knew the past and could foresee the future.

Then there are:

Jansky, a unit of flux density for electromagnetic radiation, used especially in radio astronomy to measure the strength of radio-wave emissions.

Janissary - a soldier of an elite corps of Turkish troops organized in the 14th century and abolished in 1826.

Janitor - a doorkeeper.

JANET - acronym for Joint Academic Network.  In computing, JANET is a network linking academic and research institutes in the UK.

Janácek - Czech composer: strongly influenced by Czech folk music

Janam Sakhis - Collection of stories about the life of Nanak, the first guru of Sikhism.

Janata Dal or People's Party - Indian centre-left coalition.

Jandal – which apparently means a flip-flop in New Zealand.

Janeite - an uncritical over-enthusiastic admirer of the novels of Jane Austen.

Jan Mayen – the Norwegian volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean.

Janequin, Clément - French composer of chansons and psalms.

Jancsó, Miklós - Hungarian film director and screenwriter.

Jannock – which is a British adjective meaning straightforward and honest.

And, of course, Janis Joplin and Jancis Robinson.


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