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March 2005


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All those of you who read last month's News from cover to cover will have noticed that the Parish Council has kindly agreed to take over the funding of the News completely.  Previously, of course, it has for several years provided a valuable safety net service, paying up to cover the shortfall in subscriptions.

This change will ease considerably the burden on the gallant band who deliver the News round the village.  No longer will they have to make several trips round their patch trying to catch everyone in.  In particular it will help Jackie, who delivers to the outlying houses.  Not that it will save her making repeated trips, of course, she goes to pretty much every house every weekday, but it will simplify collection of the monies.

It seems reasonable to me that I should aim at keeping the burden on the precept down as far as I can, and this is the reason I have reverted to using greyscale images instead of the colour ones that have been used for the last two years.  The economics are simple enough.  The monthly production cost of a monochrome News is about 20, and using a full colour image on the front cover increases the cost to about 35.  The cost does vary from month to month because the number of pages in an issue alters.  However, sticking to black and white will mean that the cost to the Council for next year will be only a little more than it was for last year.

I hope Oxhillians will accept my attempts to keep the steady rise in taxation under control.  The full colour version of the News will continue to be available on the Oxhill website; point your browser at www.Oxhill.com.


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