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May 1

also known as May Day is the Feast Day of Saints Asaph, Corentin, Joseph, Brioc (that's Brioc, not Brioche, which is an altogether different kettle of fish), Amator, Marcoul, Philip and James, Peregrine Laziosi, Sigismund of Burgundy, and Theodard of Narbonne.  They do have lovely names, some of these Saints.

In 1517 it was the day of the 'Evil May Day' riots in London, when apprentices attacked foreign residents, and in 1707 the Union of England and Scotland was proclaimed.  In 1851 Queen Victoria opened the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, London, and in 1926 British miners began a strike that continued until 19 November.  The Empire State Building in New York was completed in 1931 and in 1960 Gary Powers was shot down as he spied on the USSR in his U-2 aircraft.  In 1961 betting shops became legal in Britain and in 1995 the UN World Health Organization issued its first annual survey of global health.  The report cited poverty as the primary underlying cause of disease and death worldwide. About two billion of the world's 5.6 billion people were ill at any time, WHO reported, and many died from preventable causes.  There doesn't seem to have been much change in the last ten years.

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington was born on May 1st in 1769, Sonny Ramadhin in 1929, Una Stubbs in 1937 and Joanna Lumley in 1946.

John Dryden died on May 1st in 1700, David Livingstone in 1873, Antonin Dvorák in 1904, Joseph Goebbels (whose alleged deficiency is fabled in song) in 1945 and Pierre Eugène Bérégovoy in 1993.  If you don't know who Pierre Eugène Bérégovoy was then I suggest you ask the Chairman of the Parish Council, who is a veritable fount of information about such things.


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