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Dear Editor

I hope this is not too late for the June issue, but I wanted to respond to your May editorial in which you stated that some people thought the April issue boring. Personally, I always find the 'News' interesting and stimulating, but never boring - not even the April edition.

One of the highlights for me is Grenville Moore's nature notes, always full of fascinating insights into the world of nature.  However, observant though he is, some things seem to escape his notice, and my bucolic chum 'Old Muckraker' presents his own naturewatch elsewhere in this issue.

Don't be discouraged by carping criticism - I'm sure the majority of us look forward in anticipation to each new issue.  Keep up the good work!

Peter & Carol Taylor, Grove Cottage

[The carping criticiser was my wife!  She claims she has the right.  However, I did agree with her, and hope that the May and June issues were better.

Perhaps here would be a good place to offer my humble apologies to the fifty per cent of my readership who received a deformed June News.  During collation I managed to turn one of the page piles upside down, resulting in pages not appearing in the intended order and presenting Ray Dagg's 'Journey to Hell' back to front.  The mistake was not noticed until the copies had been sent to the distributors.   Particular apologies are due to Ray "Sorry, Ray".


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