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Nature Watch

That Grenville Moore - by gum he's an observant chap, but he don't see it all by any means!  Only last Sunday morning - about six o'clock I reckon it was - I awoke to the characteristic broom- clunk-clunk-broom of the four-stroke rotary, the first of the year, but now sharply on the increase as spring moves into summer.  Keep an ear out for it, usually early on a week-end morn!

Talking of rotaries, the more discerning observer can sometimes pick out its close relative, the two-stroke, distinguished by its much higher-pitched call, and distinctive emission of vast clouds of blue smoke.  The two-stroke is of course becoming much rarer now, but the avid naturewatcher can still some times be rewarded. 

Another specimen announcing the change of the season can often be heard flying over Sunrising Hill - yes, itís the plaintive scream of the Yamaha family, most usually the ZR1, but sometimes its smaller cousin the FZ350.  These can often be seen in large groups, swooping along the highways and byeways, often coming to rest in little gaggles to refresh themselves by ingesting large quantities of a brown, hop-based liquid.  These brightly-coloured little bustards are sometimes difficult to spot, owing to their astonishing speed and weaving trajectories.  However, unusually they are not at all nervous, and frequently reward the onlooker by rearing up and putting on a huge surge of speed!  Do watch out for them!

But why venture out when so many interesting sights can be seen in your own back garden!  Last week-end whilst walking the borders, I spotted a flashing zig-zag of bright green, with characteristic 'vee' shaped markings on its top surface.  So that's where I left the old hosepipe last autumn!

Finally, after sitting quietly in the undergrowth for some time with my trusty twitcher's binoculars, just today I spotted some unusual movement down by the nesting boxes. What a treat! A lovely pair of lively young tits! So rare in the garden nowadays....

Anyhow, Mrs Muckraker's calling me in now, so must go.  Happy watching, and remember Old Muckraker's motto - take it easy, but take it!!

Old Muckraker

[Grenville Moore has been on holiday.  We are grateful to Old Muckraker for filling in for him so ably.  Ed.]

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