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Letter to the Editor

Hello George,

As a temporary resident of Oxhill I wanted to let you know I was very impressed with the Scarecrow weekend, even more so when I found out this was the first such event that had been held here.  I did at least 2 tours of the village and photographed every display I found.  Some question was raised in the newsletter, received today, as to just how many scarecrows were in fact on display, so here is my analysis taken from my pictures.

I counted a total of 67 displays, some of course contained multiple scarecrows, such as the wedding (10) and the orchestra (5)

In the displays I counted a total of 88 genuine scarecrows, with an additional 16 other items that were imaginative and entertaining, but not exactly my idea of a scarecrow..

To qualify to be counted as a scarecrow, the item had to be capable of being used for that purpose, in other words it had to resemble a human form and be complete with all limbs, (long skirts accepted) a torso and a head.  It also had to be of human size.  (I did include children sized scarecrows, after all the real thing can often be more scary than the adult!).

This of course excluded some of the more imaginative displays, such as "Beechers Brook", the Dalek and the snowman from being included in my scarecrow count.  Doll-like and manufactured items were not counted at all.

I have to congratulate the people of the village for doing such a splendid job, and I am happy for them that they raised a significant sum as a result.

By the way, my pictures have been emailed to friends and relatives as far away as Seattle and Detroit in the USA, and Cairns in Australia.  

Terry Overton, C/O The Homestead, Oxhill

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