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September 2005


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I am delighted to announce that Jill Tucker has been invited by the bishop to train for ordination to the priesthood.  Jill has been offered a place at Queen's College, University of Birmingham from the beginning of September.  She has also been given the special privilege of combining two years of study into one!  She may want to question whether or not this is a privilege when she is snowed under with essays.

To the best of my knowledge this is the first time that the village has produced a vocation to priesthood and is a great event.  The downside is that Jill will be almost entirely absent from the parish for the next year.  Please remember Jill and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  She will be ordained deacon in the cathedral next July and priested in 2007.

David Knight

[In my ignorance, I had never met the verb 'to priest' before, so I rushed to my dictionary.  David is, naturally, quite right.  It is a verb (as well as a club for bashing things over the head)!  Never say the News is not educational.  Ed.]

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