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Tysoe Marionette Group

Stage lighting is one of the main aspects of theatre craft.  It is said that lighting designers paint with light much as an artist uses brushes.  Clever lighting can bring scenes to life, create atmosphere, work magic, as well as enable audiences to see the performers, whether they be human actors or wooden dolls.  Our marionette theatre has nearly 50 luminaires (spotlights, flood lights and colour battens) located around the stage and auditorium.  These are controlled by 27 dimmable control circuits.  This is a formidable array to manage as presently all are controlled manually using a combination of old-fashioned rheostats (our oldest has seen its 80th birthday!), varivolt transformers and modern electronic dimmers with linking switches.  Now, our longer marionette plays typically call for up to 100 lighting cues (a lighting cue is change in light settings demanded by the script or the play director).  Some idea of the enormity of the task becomes apparent and our “Mr Sparks” needs to combine the memory of an elephant with the dexterity of an octopus!  “Ah”, but you say “the Royal Shakespeare Theatre has 10 times as many luminaries”.  This is so, but they have the advantage of a computer-based system to match their demanding needs.  We don’t!  But we are working on it.  Meanwhile purists say that doing things manually is much more fun!

Our dramatisation of Paul Gallico’s


 is scheduled for

 Friday 11th & Saturday 12th November


 Friday 25th & Saturday 26th November

 at 7:30pm.

Please contact:

Jon and Ann Beeny on Tysoe 680431, or

Email:  JonandAnn@annbeeny.f9.co.uk

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