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September 2005


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September 3

Is the Feast Day of Saints Simeon Stylites the Younger, Phoebe, Remaclus, Aigulf or Ayoul of Lerins (wherever that is), Gregory the Great, Cuthburga, Hildelitha, and Macanisius.

It was the day when, in 1650, Oliver Cromwell defeated the Scots at the second Battle of Dunbar and, in 1651, he defeated the Royalist troops at the second Battle of Worcester.  Went in for second attempts, did our Noll.  In 1783 Britain recognized US independence with the signing of a treaty in Paris and in 1916 the first Zeppelin was shot down over England.  In 1935 Malcolm Campbell reached a new world land speed record of 301.13 mph in Bluebird on Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, and in 1939 Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and France declared war on Germany.  The Americans, of course, kept well out of it.  Again.  In 1967 Sweden changed from driving on the left to the right though not, as the Irish are reported to be thinking of, with lorries changing one day and the cars the next so as to phase it in gradually.  In 1976 the US spacecraft Viking 2 landed on Mars and began sending pictures of the Red Planet to earth.  Edgar Rice Burroughs had written his account of the place many years earlier.

Joseph Wright, that well-known British painter, was born in 1734 and Louis Henry Sullivan, the equally noted US architect, in 1856.  For the silver screen buffs Alan Ladd, the diminutive star, was born in 1913 and Brian Lochore, who was apparently a rugby player of note, in 1940.

Oliver Cromwell (him again) died this day in 1658, so beating the Scots and Royalists didn't do him much good for long.  E. E. Cummings, with three capital letters in his name at least, even if not in his poems, in 1962.  Ho Chi Minh, he of the trail, died in 1969, Frank Capra in 1991 and David Brown in 1993. Of course there have been lots of David Browns but this one, you understand, was THE David Brown.


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