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November 5

Is, of course, Guy Fawkes' Night.  It is also the Feast day of Saints Elisabeth and Zachary, Galation, Bertilla of Chelles, and Episteme.  Which seems to leave the field pretty clear for Guy Fawkes.

Speaking of Guy Fawkes, November 5 was the day in 1605 when the Gunpowder Plot, to blow up the House of Lords during James I's state opening of Parliament, was discovered.  So that's why we burn a guy and let off fireworks.  In 1854 the combined British and French armies defeated the Russians at the Battle of Inkerman (Crimean War) and in 1872 Ulysses Grant was re-elected US president.  The British Board of Film Censors was appointed in 1912 and in 1919 Rudolph Valentino, the archetypal romantic screen lover, married actor Jean Acker; the marriage lasted less than six hours.  And they said it would never last!  In 1927 Britain's first automatic traffic lights began functioning, in Wolverhampton.  They have been malfunctioning, on and off, ever since.  And then in 1968 Richard Nixon was elected 37th US president.  You see, the Americans can get it wrong too.  They just do it more often than we do.

James Elroy Flecker, who is one of those English poets you have never heard of, was born on 5th November in 1884, and the Scottish scientest John Haldane in 1892.  Now I have heard of him.  Vivien Leigh was born in 1913 and Lester Piggott in 1935.  Elke Sommer arrived in 1940 and Art Garfunkel in 1941, which makes him exactly one week younger than me.

Maurice Utrillo died on this day in 1955, Mack Sennett in 1960, Al Capp in 1982 and Jacques Tati (who was not my uncle) in 1982.  And then Robert Maxwell fell off the boat in 1991.


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