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May 2006

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Letters to the Editor - Speeding in Oxhil

Hallo George,

I would be grateful if you could put this in your next edition of the News.

There are clear signs stating that the speed limit on the road through Nolands Farm is 30mph.

Sadly many locals use it to see how fast their cars can go in a straight line (?) down this narrow lane where very often visibility is impaired by trees, crops, corners and dips, not to mention the cattle grids.   Unfortunately there is one particular vehicle - a blue Audi estate with a 'souped-upí engine who does think he is on the race circuit and goes up and down at great speed, several times in a day. 

Watch this space when he and the other guilty speed merchants hit something which will cause tragic consequences.

Robin Hutsby


I am amazed that anyone even considers doing as much as 30 mph along such a twisty lane as the one through Nolands, but then I find it surprising that so many people find it necessary to do well over that speed along Main Street.  Editor.

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