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January 2008

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Happy New Year

The News is far from a one man show, and now is the right time for me to acknowledge and to thank all the team who contribute so much throughout the year.  Itís invidious to mention names, but then I do invidious, so here goes:

Thank you to that wonderful team of dedicated delivers who actually trudge round the village pushing copies through letterboxes; to Dot, Shirley, Keith who took over when Shirley moved away, Jill, Pat, Joyce, Jackie, and Posey.

Thank you to the contributors, who save me having to actually write anything except once a year like this; to Grenville for his splendid and fascinating Nature Notes, Belinda for keeping us up to date with the W.I., to Nicholas for Church details, to Lilian for all the Churchís social events, to Angela for reports on the Parish Council, to the Oracle (I expect we will be hearing a lot more from him in 2008), to Jill and Gaynor and Di, and the Heather & Anne combo for the Garden Club, and the Chairman of the Parish Council and Doug and all the others who quite simply make the News possible.

And, of course, to Gwyn, who each month puts up with a bear with a sore head for a couple of days.


[Only two days?  Gwyn]

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