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August 2008

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Refuse and Recycling Collections

You will have noticed that our collection service is due to alter, and that the new system will be based on three wheelybins with different coloured lids.

There seems to have been a certain amount of confusion as to how the new system will operate, though the latest edition of Stratford Council’s ‘Your Review’ (which should have reached you by now) explains it pretty clearly.  Assuming that the new bins reach us on time it will go like this:

You will have three bins:

The green bin is the one you have had for some time and is for compostable garden waste – grass cuttings, plants and weeds, small prunings.  No soil or turf in this one.  Each house is now only allowed two of these – and they will not be collected at all in November, December, January, February or March.  Apparently no-one gardens then.

The grey bin with a blue lid is for general dry recyclables – plastic bottles, paper, cardboard (all types), glass (not sheet glass), metal and cartons such as fruit juice cartons (washed).

The all grey bin is a replacement for the old black plastic bags and contains anything that you cannot put into either of the other two.  This should include soft plastics and wrappers and aluminium foil.  Alternatively you could take these to Tesco, who at least claim that they can deal with them – at least they have a bin labelled ‘Mixed Plastics’.

Collection day remains Tuesday (presumably with a swap to Wednesday when there are Bank Holiday problems).  The first new-style collection should be on Tuesday August 5th.  I have put the collection arrangements into the ‘What’s On’ section on the back page.

Oxhill is in Zone 2, which means that only the grey rubbish bins will be collected every week, on the Tuesdays in the white bars on the Council’s calendar.  Every two weeks the two recycling bins will also be collected – on the black weeks.

All bins should be on the kerb by 7 a.m.  So either get up early or do it on Monday.

If you have difficulties in getting bins to the kerbside then talk to Stratford Council – they will organise help for you.




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