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August 2008

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As I am sure everyone is aware Zimbabwe is going through a dreadful crisis under rule of Robert Mugabe.  Things are desperate there with inflation running in the millions, acute food shortages, no fuel, telephones work sometimes, electricity shedding and now the water is turned off on a daily basis.

People are suffering, but none more so than the elderly and the pensioners.  They are struggling to just pay for their monthly prescriptions, if of course they can get their medication at all.  Pensions are worthless by today’s Zimbabwe Dollar rate which makes life extremely difficult to even purchase small amounts of food, if, indeed they can get any.

I am Zimbabwean myself and therefore working closely with the Edith Duly Nursing Home, which is a frail care home in Bulawayo, my home town.  I promised to help them and ask for donations to send to South Africa where the money will be spent on food etc and taken by road up to Bulawayo.

I am asking anyone in the village if they would be kind enough to donate to this cause.  Any sum, however small, will be gratefully accepted.

Please contact me, Sue Hutsby, on 01926 640309 or by email at: inthecountry@nolandsfarm.co.uk.

Sue Hutsby

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