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January 2010

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At the November meeting Garden Club members experienced a range of agricultural implements, cooking pots, an array of knives, baskets and other interesting artefacts relating to Ian Mathie’s time living in Burkina, West Africa.  His talk gave us a glimpse into village life in 1960’s and 70’s and details of the type of crops the people grew then.  An added dimension was seeing examples of these foods and actually tasting a staple dish of millet, okra and chillies, high on flavour, and some exotic fruits, many of which were quite unknown to us in the 60’s and have become commonplace now.  Ian Mathie has had a most interesting life, travelling to many African places and could have passed on multitudinous experiences through several meetings.   Hopefully he will introduce us to some of these aspects in the future.

Future meetings include:

January 21st - Bees and the Gardener” - Peter Hepworth

February 18th - “Tudor Gardens” - Roger Pringle

New members are always welcome.

Ann Saxton


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