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January 2012

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Shipston Rural Watch

At 1430hrs yesterday a white van was stopped in the village of Honington by the local Policing team and searched for stolen property. In the rear of the van Police located an electric fencing unit which had a name and mobile number written on it in permanent black pen (Very good idea - makes the unit very traceable and life a lot simpler for Police). Police rang the phone number and were able to confirm that the unit was stolen last week from the local area. The driver was arrested on suspicion of theft. The vehicle was recovered as used in crime and the fuel tank was dipped resulting in red diesel being found, the van has now been handed over to Custom and Excise who will deal with the man for fuel offences.


PC 396 Richard Grove BSC (Hons),
Shipston Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwickshire Police
Team Direct Dial: 01789 444670
Email: richard.grove @ warwickshire.pnn.police.uk


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