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February 2012

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Oxhill Music Group

Following the meeting on the 7th January, I would firstly like to thank the people that did attend.  We’re well on our way to forming a youngsters band, and music was even sent away to practise.  However, I STILL need many more people to join the Jubilee choir.  There are no auditions for anything so absolutely anyone can join, whether you think you are tone deaf or not.  It doesn’t matter, if there are enough people, individual voices won’t be recognisable.  But a big sound is definitely needed. I’m really trying here, but lack of support is making it so much more difficult.  I know there’s a good few months before the celebrations, but I won’t be in the country for at least a month from the beginning of April, so when I return, there will only be a few weeks to perfect everything.  And I want this to be a performance that everyone is proud of, and that will be remembered!  So please please PLEASE come along to the next rehearsal on Saturday 4th February, children from 3.30pm (with your instruments), adults from 4pm, in the village hall.  I will have music, I will have the tracks to listen to and hopefully, I will have more people to sing it!  After this rehearsal, I hope to start weekly rehearsals.  Thank you!

Lucy Mercer 01295 680407

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