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March 2012

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Big Jubilee Lunch

The Big Jubilee Lunch
Restaurants apparently are booming, especially in London, but the hottest food for 2012 is going to be street party food with a serious message Ė fun and community.

The Slow Food Movement promotes long relaxed Sunday lunches, so with all this in mind our hope is to get the whole village (or as near as possible) sitting down together on the Jubilee Sunday to enjoy a long, relaxed, fun Sunday lunch. The plan is to put tables down Main Street from the Pub along the road to Back Lane. The catering team (and we still need volunteers) will prepare whole hams, to be carved at the table, whole salmon, hot buttered and dressed new potatoes, accompanied by numerous salads. Thatís where the village comes in. We are asking as many households as possible to grow just two or three lettuces or some salad leaves, this way we wonít have to purchase expensive salads Ė dig for Oxhill!

Desserts will take the form of a myriad of multi-coloured jellies Ė nostalgic and retro Ė different types, some packed with oranges, some with strawberries and raspberries, and much more, with lashings of cream, and then cheese to follow. You canít miss out on this Ė and itís all free! (MC panic - See Note Following!)

We will need extra tables and chairs, more information on that to follow.

Letís make this a weekend to remember.

Grenville and his team of Ladies

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