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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Report - February 2012

When Grenville says “it’s all free” I’m sure he meant to say that The Big Jubilee Lunch is included in the Diamond Jubilee Event ticket price for which so many of you have already paid your deposits! We have been able to do this as a result of a generous pledge of financial support to enable us to join in with the nationwide ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’. We want to ensure that all those in the village who want to, can join in!

On the subject of tickets, we have started to receive requests for family and friend’s tickets, so please if you have not reserved yours please do so soon, as we are confident that numbers will have to be limited. Please don’t be disappointed, let me know if you want to join in as soon as possible.

The team met at a very cold Village Hall on Wednesday the 1st February, we have now paid our deposit to secure the marquee and will shortly enter into a contract with Pascal’s Triangle our Monday entertainment. An application has been made to permit the closure of Main Street on both days.

As you will see the food team have already started to meet to plan menus and last month I challenged the village to support Lucy Mercer who was trying hard to organise entertainment for Sunday evening. Look out for more on this elsewhere in the ‘news’. Shortly you will see more groups meeting to organise parts of the event. Please come forward and offer your help. This is not a fund raising venture and so expenses incurred will be refunded for providing food, cake baking ingredients or whatever. Everybody can join in and help, so please do come forward as more organising teams are formed.

This month’s challenge to the Village is to all those gardeners who are planting seeds around now, above are clues about Wot2Grow! Support the event by growing the produce we will consume.

As you can see, this will be a big event for the village and it will be great fun to be part of it. The next meeting will be in the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th March starting at 8pm. Please do come along and join in.

Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the Village, by the Village, for the Village!

Any ticket requests or questions please contact Mike Collins on 680564 or e-mail diamond.jubilee @ oxhill.org.uk or any team leader directly.

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