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April 2012

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Report - March 2012

I am pleased to say that things are really starting to happen and the village is beginning to pull out the stops and join in the fun. After the meeting on Wednesday the 7th March we can add some new items to the programme.

The weekend events will now commence at 12 noon on Sunday when the bells of St Lawrence will ring out across the village. Any bell ringers out there who would like to take part please let me know. Doug Nethercleft has agreed to take over the organisation of the games on Sunday afternoon and will be assisted by the O’Donnell family.

We considered a fireworks display for Monday evening but this was rapidly ruled out following concerns expressed about family pets. We have been researching other light events. We discarded the idea of a beacon as a suitable site could not be found and so with the help of local professional advice have identified a range of Sky Lanterns that are safe and will rapidly degrade once spent. We will therefore launch 60 red, white and blue sky lanterns at dusk (weather conditions permitting) which, on the Monday 4th June, will be approximately 10pm. The big clear up (volunteers will be needed please!) the following morning, when completed, will leave everybody feeling rather flat so you will be able to wind down at the ‘Break Down BBQ’, which Pam and Yvonne have agreed to host in the garden of the Peacock for those who choose to call in.

Finally I am please to announce that the Wednesday morning Art Group have decided to take as a subject, during the time remaining, ‘The Queen and her Diamond Jubilee’ which will culminate in an exhibition of their work over the weekend.

Hobby Horse Extravaganza

As previously trailed in the News, one of the central events of the Monday Jubilee celebrations will be a chance to show off your athletic and design abilities in an event which will show the amazing partnership between man and (hobby) horse. There will be a number of events for all to enter:

The Diamond Jubilee All Comers Hobby Horse Grand National – will be a traditional cross-country steeplechase over a (fairly) short distance, with some simple fences to negotiate; open to all, but aimed specifically at the fitter and more competitive minded.

The Fillies and Colts Novice Handicap - a shorter course exclusively for the younger horse – for those aged under 15 – fences and obstacles will be adjusted accordingly.

The Veterans Dash - a race over a short flat course for the more mature hobby horse.

Novelty Show jumping - short simple course, marked not just for speed, but for style and originality of approach.

Best Dressed Owner wearing a suitable hat - for those less inclined to gallop around the village, there will be a prize for the best and most appropriately decorated owner’s hat.

There will be prizes for the “Best Turned Out” based on the design of the horse and the jockey’s attire. Entrants are free to use their imagination, but should remember the Diamond Jubilee theme.

Basically then it is a big fancy dress competition that everybody can take part in so get thinking and making. More tips for hobby horse construction will be in next months News, but rest assured it is a simple and basic design that can be embellished to your taste. Basic requirements are a broomstick (cut to a sensible length) onto which you attach either a cardboard cut-out head or (for the more advanced) a material “sock” which can be padded out to make the head. Your results could look like this – but hopefully with a more ‘jubilee’ theme!

If you want to enter or simply register your interest, please e-mail – hobbyhorse @ oxhill.org.uk or call Ed Bracher as soon a possible on 680927

Lucy Mercer is still looking for talent to join in and provide entertainment and please remember last months challenge and get planting those seeds in those greenhouses.

Finally Stratford District Council have already processed and issued the road closure notice and so all the major elements are in place for a great weekend. We will shortly be contacting all those who have not yet responded to the survey as you can still order tickets from your collector or by e-mail to diamond.jubilee@oxhill.org.uk . Don’t miss out on such a memorable occasion, bring the family but please order tickets for them now as numbers are steadily increasing and we expect to have to place a limit numbers in April but if still available the last date to purchase tickets will be Sunday 20th May.

Any questions can be directed to Mike Collins on 680564 or e-mail to diamond.jubilee @ oxhill.org.uk.

There is still plenty of time to get involved. The next meeting will be in the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th April starting at 8pm. Please do come along and join in.

Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the Village, by the Village, for the Village!

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