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May 2012

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OMG Update!

Firstly, Iíd like to thank the ALL the ladies for their consistent patience, effort and the time that they are continually making to attend each session. Iíd also like to thank Belinda for helping out the ladies in the Alto section, in your own time Ė I really have seen a huge improvement! Rehearsals are making us better and better each time and I feel that apart from the new arrangements given to you, the other pieces will now only need some fine tuning (no pun intended!) However, we have only a month left, and weekly rehearsals are upon us! These will either be on a Tuesday evening or a Saturday afternoon, with the first one being 1st May. I will keep you posted via e-mail if individuals are not able to attend certain sessions. Thatís a promise!

Iíd like to apologise to the childrenís group for not having many rehearsals. Our next rehearsal will have been before this publication so I will have informed you of our next steps! Nevertheless, I can see we are making progress and we will be pitch perfect come the performance!

If there is anyone that is still keen to join either of the groups, ITíS NOT TOO LATE! Get in touch with me and I will happily give anyone a little extra tuition as well as informing you of the next rehearsal dates!

Lucy Mercer - 01295 680407

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