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May 2012

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Upton House

Spring at Upton is a wonderful time for all. The Gardens are coming into blossom as the cherries and plums burst into white and pink. The orchard lawn is glowing yellow with daffodils and the tulips are revealing their wonderful colours one by one. Special tours are planned for the Amazing Tulips Weekend on 13th-15th April.

The house is full of interest with new art work from Sigrid Holmwood. Sigrid is a self-styled ‘performance painter’ where the act of painting is part of the art. Sigrid makes her own historically accurate costumes from the period and wears these as she paints in public.

Sigrid comments: ‘This project gives me the opportunity to collaborate with the collection, heritage and conservation professionals, and of course, the public, using the practice of performative painting. I will be responding to the work of Jan Provost and Jan Steen, 16th and 17th century Flemish artists who’s work is housed in Upton's outstanding collection of Old Masters.’

Sigrid’s first new piece completes a series of paintings by the 17th century Dutch master Jan Steen. Upton has four paintings from a series entitled The Five Senses. The fifth painting is an art historical mystery as it’s never been found. For the first time in over 350 years, Sigrid’s work will ‘complete’ the series with an entirely new depiction of the sense of ‘touch’.

Easter Egg Trails with Ricky Rabbit run 6 - 9 April, 12noon - 4pm each day. There is a Kids Art Club on Friday 13 April and again on 12 May - this time with Sigrid Holmwood. Sigrid is also holding a workshop for the more mature audience on the 18 May with a demonstration of how she prepares paints and pigments from plants and minerals.

‘Free entry for all’ is the order of the day on 21 -22 April as Upton joins the rest of the National Trust in the ‘Bonus Weekend’. There will also be free tickets for the herbal walk on a first come first served basis. The Body Beautiful Herbal workshop (booking on 01295 670266) will be held on 23 April where visitors can learn how to make delicious teas and nourishing body treats.

The opening ceremony for the ‘Edgehill Games 2012’ will take place after entrants cycle off on 29 April to celebrate the Olympics and start a three month program of different events around Edgehill. Over 100 entrants are expected on the day for the 20 mile and 45 mile cycle rides. The finish will be at Upton House & Gardens at 1.30pm with performances and competitions on the front driveway hosted by the former British champion David Moorcroft.

Bluebell tours are held on Sunday the 13 May and have to be seen to be believed. The Hedgerow Herbalist Spring Walk on 25 May marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer (booking on 01296 670266).

For further details call Upton House and Gardens on 01295 670266 or for the full program of events go to:-   www.nationaltrust.org.uk/uptonhouse

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