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June 2012

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OWLS Oxhill Wildlife Society - are delighted to present

Mucky Magic!!

or how to turn rubbish into goodness.

Every household generates lots of waste material and we are all used to putting the muck in the bin for the council to take it away.

But much of what you throw away is useful in your garden and you are missing a trick if you just throw it in the bin as it can be valuable!!

Come along to a talk from the OWLS where Liz Atkinson, a committed guerilla composter, will help you to  

  produce great compost for your flower and veg beds

  reduce what goes in your grey bins

  use different composting methods to cope with different materials

  enjoy the fun of producing Mucky Magic! 

So come along and share your problems, tips and anecdotes!

The talk will be on 19th June at 8:00 in the Oxhill Village Hall entry 2.00 and refreshments available.

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