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June 2012

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WOT2Grow Community Orchard

Well, we have had April Showers in abundance!! Which all gardeners will tell you was what we needed but it has caused a few issues with being able to work at the orchard. The grass and weeds have loved the conditions but we have had to cancel weeding and mulching sessions as it was pouring with rain, apologies to those who really wanted to come and help at these sessions! However you are most welcome to visit the orchard whenever you like to pull up the weeds.

This is nove the time when growth is needed and the bushes and canes are getting ready to produce our harvest for 2012. The trees are getting established adn will not produce fruit for a couple of years but they have transformed the site from a filed to showing the way it will look in the future. You need a bit of patience to start an orchard from scratch!

We are having an Open Day at the Orchard on Sunday August 12th when you will be able to see what we are doing at the orchard, talk to us, enjoy the lovely environment and learn more about your orchard! Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a member to enjoy the orchard! Look out for more details in the coming weeks.

Check us out at  www.wot2grow.co.uk where you will see details of what we are doing and lots of photos of our progress. Even better, just come down to the orchard and seee for yourself whilst enjoying the beauty of the location!

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