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July 2012

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Oxhill at its Jubilee Best!

I am sure that there will be many thanks and congratulations on the Jubilee celebration in the village.  I will have very fond memories of the warm, friendly atmosphere as we huddled in the marquee for the veritable feast for the big lunch despite the dreadful weather, the wonderful concert, the hilarious hobby horse event, the fiercely fought water volleyball,  the fantastic teas, the enormous spread for the pig roast and the magical lanterns gently wafting over the Warwickshire countryside on a moonlit night.  But I just wanted to add my thanks to all the people who donated in various ways which made the event so fantastic, to the organisers of the various games, hobby horse derby, concert, quiz and band which royally entertained everyone from the age of 3 to 93 over two days, to the catering leaders whose organisation with military precision made every meal run like clockwork, to the unsung heroes in the catering teams who did everything from washing up, laying tables, clearing away, and shifting the many tables, to the many cooks and bakers who created a spread fit for any visiting royal.   I especially want to thank Mike Collins who with his foresight, forward planning and quiet organisational efficiency, over a year ago, 'lit the torch' knowing full well that our tiny village would rise to the occasion once galvanized into action.  Well done everyone!  Here's to the Platinum Jubilee - Mike have you applied for the road closure yet!

Gaynor Van Dijk 

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