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July 2012

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Thanks for O.D.J.C

from Gerry Webb

On Sunday morning I turned up to help
and was amazed to find all these chaps.
It didn’t take long for me to find out
they were there for Debra’s bacon baps.
(and excellent they were)

Maybe the baps were an incentive
For people who like to sleep in late.
It worked, Mick Shephard was out of bed,
By the unheard of time of eight.
(Mick doesn’t do mornings.)

For the celebrations, of course, I did my bit,
It wasn’t brain work like sticking on labels.
I spent a WHOLE HALF HOUR in the marquee
And I must have shifted half a dozen tables.
(That’s me done then!)

It would be hard for a restaurant to sit 240
Even if the potatoes were peeled.
But our meal was better than superb
And it was done in a TENT in a FIELD.

Lucy was excellent running the evening ‘do’.
The recorder solo just made you stay,
The choir and singers were so good,
Which included a budding Brian May.

The water volleyball was the best.
Be careful there could be skids!
Where four fully grown macho blokes
Were beaten by four scrawny kids.

We had on Monday the hobby horse games
And of course a game of rounders.
There was cricket and a tug of war
Played by some kids and bounders.

My miniscule help has shown me how much
That Mike and his team have achieved.
The amount of work that’s been done by all,
Seems impossible to be believed.

Thanks to Everybody Involved 

N.B. Of course O.D.J.C. could mean
“Old Dodderer Just Co-operated”
But in this case means
“Oxhill Diamond Jubilee Celebrations”.

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