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July 2012

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OMG! What a Night!

Wow, is all I can say. Just, WOW! What an incredible evening of Oxhill’s finest home grown entertainment! I think we managed to answer the “has Oxhill got talent?” question quite easily!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved. First of all: The OMG Choir. You absolutely owned the stage. After all the hard work and dedication you had put in, as well as me bullying you, you got it together and every single one of you looked at home on that stage! I am STILL so very proud of you all. Thank you to Myrtle and Debra for the few minutes of comedy. It was utterly brilliant, and thoroughly enjoyed! The last thank you goes to Pauline, for standing tall with her trident, and soloing for Rule Britannia!

Next, I’d like to thank The Band. You were all brilliant. Each of you did a solo performance as well and they were fantastic. Thank you so much for being so devoted and practising so well at home, to get it sounding amazing! You also made me extremely proud of you! Another special thank you to Sarah and Verity, for their constant support to their children, and to me!

A big thank you also goes to Ben and Amy Loveridge for taking to the stage and performing your own things. I knew you were both talented but I was personally blown away by your performances, and I’m pretty sure the audience were too! Thank you to Tom Smith as well for his incredible guitar skills!!

I’d like to thank Mike Collins and the rest of the Jubilee Committee for giving me the opportunity to organise the Sunday evening’s entertainment. As stressed and disorganised as I was for the few weeks running up to it, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and would happily do it again (just, not for a while!).

A final thank you to everybody that turned up in the marquee for the evening. The weather was horrific, but the whole evening was made so much better by having everyone’s support! So thank you, one and all! I can’t believe it’s all over! No more long ranting essays in The News anymore! Over and out!

Lucy Mercer

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