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July 2012

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Jubilee Celebrations, one person's account

A lot of work was done before the day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (Sunday 3rd June 2012) celebrating sixty years of her reign.  The original plan was to have lunch on long tables along the main street of the village, but the weather was not kind.  A quick change of venue took place to a marquee and the former chapel.  This was all carried out, moving all the tables and chairs to the marquee and chapel early in the morning.

The celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee began with a service in the Parish Church, hitting exactly the note to be expected and concluding with singing the first two verses of the National Anthem.  The Church appeared to have every pew fully occupied.  After the service most of the congregation moved over to a corner of the churchyard where a buddleia was planted in the section laid out by the Oxhill Wildlife Society (OWLS) to attract butterflies and bees.

Everyone then made their way down the main street to the marquee in Janet's field.  The Loyal Toast and Grace were then said.  A meal of ham and salmon with new potatoes and salad was served, followed by jellies (alcoholic or not as the diner preferred) followed by a cheese board.  Two hundred and sixty people (almost the whole village) took part.  People mostly found themselves next to relative strangers and as a result the conversation broke the sound barrier.

When lunch was finished a number of field games was organised for the children.  By this time the rain had stopped but was followed by a very cold east wind.

After that came a talent competition in the marquee.  The day ended with a big Diamond Jubilee quiz, hotly contested by teams of four.

My impression from the lunch was how unselfish, nice and kind everyone was, with many friendships formed between people who had hitherto been relative strangers.  One couple even took part despite the fact that they had not been able to move into their new house in Oxhill.

Those I spoke to felt that the Queen (amply supported by Prince Philip) had carried out her duties always with knowledge and good temper over sixty years, and what politician can say that?

David Whaley

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