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July 2012

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Report - June 2012

3rd – 4th June 2012

Some Appreciations Received

A brief extract from a piece from David Whaley

My impression from the lunch was how unselfish, nice and kind everyone was, with many friendships formed between people who had hitherto been relative strangers. One couple even took part despite the fact that they had not been able to move into their new house in Oxhill. Those I spoke to felt that the Queen (amply supported by Prince Philip) had carried out her duties always with knowledge and good temper over sixty years, and what politician can say that?

From Tom Heritage

Congratulations to the team for organising a comprehensive and varied programme of events for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Oxhill has always had a great sense of community. I recall being told of the feasting before the war for the Coronation of King George VI, (although I was only a twinkle in my father’s eye at the time!), but I remember the Coronation of the Queen, we had a fancy dress cricket match followed by a village party – my father being dressed as Winston Churchill (he had the figure for it!), but I can’t remember what I wore. Rationing of food had only just finished after the war, and most of the food for the party was produced in the village, there were a lot of rhubarb pies for the puddings. For the main course, it was home produced ham etc, many of the older houses had a pig sty in the garden. Then, we of course had the Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations, but I don’t remember a two day event with so much and varied entertainment as this one. I am sure we will remember it for a long time to come.

From O’Donnell family visitors Nadia and Joe Young

Both my husband and I wanted to thank you and all those involved for such excellent organisation, splendid food and enormous fun.

Finally from Gaida and Jerry Webb & Family

We just wanted to convey our thanks to you and everybody involved. We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. But the crowning glory just had to be the food, what a spread and both days too: Superb.

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