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August 2012

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Everyone is invited to the Deanery Garden Party on Saturday, August 4th between 3.00 and 5.00 pm at The Old House, Oxhill. As ever, gifts of cake would be very welcome. Any donations received will go to support parish ministry in the most deprived parts of our Diocese.

There is an exciting re-working of the Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship being launched in September – a course about Christian Discipleship, which will hopefully be run locally.

If learning more about being a Christian in an informal yet structured environment, in the company of a few others, interests you, then look online at


 and the clicking on the appropriate hyperlink. The format is small learning groups facilitated by a tutor. The tutor does not deliver teaching but takes a facilitators role of helping/guiding the group to engage with the workbook and printed materials that we supply each week. A weekly session is 2 hours and there is a small amount of preparation required in advance of each week.

Do register soon if you are interested, then we will know how to organise things. 

Finally, some details from Chris Goble about Evenings in the Chancel of St. Gregory’s, Tredington:

On 5th September 7.30pm in the chancel of St Gregory’s Tredington there will be an evening exploring the book of Revelation, the last (and perhaps most misunderstood) book in the Bible.
From there will be the autumn course. The overall theme will be writers and the Christian faith. On 12th it will be ‘Christ and Christie – the detective novel and faith’. On 19th September it will be ‘an inkling – C S Lewis, JRR Tolkien and faith’. On 26th September it will be ‘Henri Nouwen: writing spiritually’ and on 3rd October it will be ‘Muggeridge: atheist to something beautiful for God’. All sessions are 7.30pm-9pm and are stand alone sessions. All are welcome. Contact Chris Goble on 01608 682282 for more information.

Very many thanks, Jill

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