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September 2012

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Tysoe Marionette Group

Junior Wing!

Dragon says how happy he was to breathe fire in TMG - Junior Wing’s two presentations of ‘George and the Dragon’, given by five volunteers from Classes 5 and 6 of Tysoe School to fellow classmates, their teachers and helpers on 5th and 12th July 2012.  These presentations were the culmination of a series of intensive rehearsals during the Easter holidays and summer term and were played to capacity houses.  They were hugely enjoyed.

Joel Morris cleverly manipulated Dragon and the wireless transmitter sending signals to a smoke machine to make Dragon belch out stage smoke!  This made it difficult for sword-wielding George (skilfully operated by Marcus Creagh) to engage him in battle.  George is tipped off a bucking Hippopotamus (worked by Eleanor Butchart) in front of the Damsel (manipulated with considerable dexterity by Victoria Robbins).  After a vigorous fight Witchy, (riding on a broomstick and operated by Eleanor Butchart) turns the trouble-making Damsel into mistletoe.  Finally Witchy, discovering that Dragon cannot give her his promised soul is ‘converted’ by Dragon into a charred hat atop a burnt broomstick!

‘Mr Sparks!’ - alias Andrew Hall helped programme 26 lighting cues into the 24 channel memory console controlling some 50 luminaires.  He also designed a number of coloured lighting chases and fitted an electro-magnet to the hose linking the ‘Esso Blue’ can with Dragon’s nose to reduce ‘fuel spillage’ during ‘refuelling’!

TMG’s Senior Wing wishes to thank all five Junior volunteers for being such fast learners in the fascinating art of puppetry and also for subsequent timely help in keeping our currently-running performances of ‘The Gruffalo’ on schedule.

Thanks also to Mrs Slatter and her colleagues for making this collaborative programme possible.  We look forward to future projects in the coming years.

Jon Beeny.

Visit: http://TysoeMarionettes.webplus.net

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