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November 2012

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Burglar Alert

I recently received the following email from a friend and thought you should be made aware of the latest tricks employed by the criminal fraternity. If you see anything suspicious be a good neighbour and report it to the Police making a note of any details of the people and cars or vans you see around the village. They often park on the edge of the village in order to make a quick getaway, especially during the day. So everyone keep alert.

NHW NW Beware and report chalked symbols on or around your property - Linked to burglaries

Several suspicious incidents have been reported in Warwickshire, over recent days, where home owners have noticed symbols chalked onto the walls of their homes or onto surfaces nearby.

There is evidence that these chalked symbols are used by thieves as a means to identify a property ripe for burglary.

Please see the attached document which details some of the symbols used.

If you spot chalked symbols around your own or other homes please contact Police immediately on 101 and describe the symbols to the operator. If possible please also take a photo of the symbol if you have a camera on your mobile phone.

Thankyou for your vigilance and your help.

Julie Dale, Watch Co-ordinator Community Protection

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