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November 2012

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Eleanor Rose Ellis

Many of you in the village will know that our family has been deeply saddened by the death of Eleanor (Bella) this summer. From ante-natal classes, through god-parenting, schooling and twelve consecutive joint holidays, her family and ours became intertwined and we loved her like a sister and a daughter.

In June 2010 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged only 21 ; she endured surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but every step of the way it was bad news and in March 2011 she was given 2 months to live. With typical flair she requested a farewell party and a trip to Iceland. The two months (during which she had a colostomy and nephrostomy) came and went, and with dogged determination she actually lived fourteen months one week and one day.

During this time with a never-be-beaten spirit she did all sorts of things and being a popular and social girl her many friends flocked to help distract her, and to help make her shortened life worth living. A whole swathe of young adults have been altered for life almost certainly becoming humbler, kinder, more empathetic and more giving. In her final days she gave many of them a talking-to about aiming high, never giving up and "living every beautiful day" At university Eleanor coxed the medal-winning men's rowing eight and during the weekend of 13-14th October five boys from the rowing squad (including her boyfriend) set out to complete the "3 peaks Challenge" - Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon - in under 24 hours. This was to raise money for The Shakespeare Hospice and MacMillan Nursing, to remember a very special girl and to keep alive the principle of inspiring others.

The evening before the boys set off, Eleanor's mother Caroline and sister Sophie came to supper and decided that instead of just welcoming them back, they would join the climb to the summit of Snowdon and this they did but inevitably it slowed the boys down and it took a bit longer than 24hours. Caroline came to see me today and described with awe the exhaustion the boys battled, but also the help the experience had been to her. They summited Ben Nevis in a blizzard, Scarfell Pike in the dark and all summited Snowdon in fog, where they lit a candle for Bella.

So if you wish to donate to the Shakespeare Hospice and Macmillan Nursing to acknowledge the efforts of these fine young men, you can do so at:-


Finally I would like to thank all of you who have enquired kindly about Bella over the last two years.

Carol Taylor

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