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May 2013

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OWLS Wildflower Competition

At the excellent talk by Karl Curtis on wildlife gardening, OWLS gave away a total of 30 packets of mixed annual and perennial wildflower seeds for clay soil.  All of you who have planted a wildflower patch this year, please photograph it when you consider it is at its best, then email your favourite photograph to edbracher @gmail.com by 20th September.  We will judge who has grown the best wildflower patch and the winner will get a £25.00 garden voucher from Red Horse.

Grenville Moore

A birdy footnote:  it appears that a pair of ravens may be attempting to nest in the large trees near the church.  If you are passing look out for some impressive aerobatics, especially “windmilling” when they clasp feet, open their wings, and windmill in a downward spiral.

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