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July 2013

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Donít Buy a Horse without a Passport

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards is urging horse buyers not to purchase horses that do not have valid horse passports following an investigation in to horse sellers.

Horse passports were introduced to help ensure that animals destined for the food chain were drug-free. Sellers should not be able to sell a horse without a passport.

However, the Trading Standards Animal Health Team has been dealing with complaints from buyers who were not given passports for their animals. This has stopped the buyers from selling them on or using them in competition.

Some sellers were also denying buyers their legal consumer rights by displaying notices such as ĎNo Refundsí.

All the horse sellers have now been advised on their legal obligations.

Check that the horse has a valid passport before you buy.

All horses passported after 1st August 2009 must be micro-chipped.

If the animal is to be checked by a vet first, ensure that the information stored on the microchip corresponds to the horse passport.

Make a complaint: Citizens Advice Consumer Service - 08454 04 05 06.

More information: https://www.gov.uk/horse-passport/overview

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