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January 2014

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Compton Verney

10th Anniversary Year - Moore Rodin at Compton Verney

Saturday 15 February - Sunday 31 August 2014

True to its mission to share its passion for art with as many people as possible Compton Verney will be celebrating its 10th anniversary season with an exhibition of two giants of modern sculpture Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin. Their sculpture will be on display in the stunning ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped parkland at Compton Verney with accompanying exhibition of works inside the galleries. To mark this special occasion Compton Verney will open its 2014 season early - on Saturday 15 February.

This awe-inspiring exhibition includes important loans from Musée Rodin, Paris, the Henry Moore Foundation, Hertfordshire and public collections throughout the UK. Amongst the works on display are Rodin’s magnificent bronze sculpture Monument to the Burghers of Calais (1889), on loan from the Royal Parks, a coup as it is rarely removed from its usual location outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Magnificent works by Moore include the monumental Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae (1968) and stunning The Arch (1969). The works will be sighted within Compton Verney’s parkland complementing, challenging and creating new perspectives to vistas ‘Capability’ Brown formed in the 1760s. 

As well as key sculptures, the exhibition inside displays an extensive range of drawings by both artists and a set of photographs taken by Moore of his cast of Rodin’s Walking Man at his home in Perry Green. From both there is no doubt that Moore’s debt to Rodin was profound ‘I began to realize that a lot of thing one might be using and being influenced by are, compared with Rodin, altogether too easy. So that as time has gone on, my admiration for Rodin has grown and grown.’

Running alongside the exhibition are a series of related events and activities. Please check the website for more information: www.comptonverney.org.uk.

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