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January 2014

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Shipston Rural Watch

Please be aware that we have identified a trend of Landrover Defenders being stolen, so far mainly in the south of the county.

Since 1st October 2013, 5 vehicles have been stolen, without keys, from outside homes in Studley, Lapworth, Wellesbourne and Stratford with mainly older models being targeted.

Thieves appear to be able to bypass the security and ignition systems to enter and drive away the vehicles and, we are asking owners to take simple additional precautions to protect their property.

If you have a garage, please store your vehicle in it whenever possible. Use a steering lock overnight or when leaving the vehicle unattended. Consider fitting a Tracker system.

Please spread this message to friends and relatives who own Landrover vehicles. Finally, please be actively on the lookout for suspicious persons or activity around Landrover Defender vehicles and report anything that you consider to be of concern to the SNT or ring 101.

Kind Regards

PCSO 6234 Hayley Ditchburn BA (Hons)
Shipston Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwickshire Police
Shipston Police Station
Tel: 01789 444 670

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