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January 2014

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WOT2Grow Community Orchard

Your Orchard - The coming Months

As things quieten down at the orchard over the winter period we are planning what we have to do in the coming year!

All the trees are looking good after pruning so hopefully we will have good blossom in the spring followed by some fruit next summer. The canes etc will be pruned in February, and we will be laying matting under the gooseberries to combat sawfly infestation.

The autumn raspberries will be cut down in February and a framework put in place to hold next year's canes in place. This will make it so much easier to harvest and keep the grass cut between the rows.

Lots of checking for overwintering pests needs to be done with an organic spray applied to remove any lingering pests. Also the protection for the cherries needs to be put in place so the birds don't get all the fruit.

We will be planting seeds of the annuals that are part of the sensory/nectar  garden and taking cuttings of some of the perennials.

Maintenance jobs are always there and the weeding will not stop around all the trees and canes! And of course the grass cutting regime to keep on top of the dandelions!

Lots to do so come along and help if you can.

We are very happy that everyone can come to the orchard and walk around therefore we ask that people with dogs do clear up after them. It is a community orchard for people, and especially children, to enjoy without the hazard of dog mess.

A reminder that the AGM is on Jan 28th at 7:30 in Tysoe Village Hall so come and voice your ideas for your orchard.

See us at www.wot2grow.co.uk for details and where you can also send us a message.

If you would like more details please contact one of the following who are coordinating the community involvement

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080), Graham Collier (680127), Julia Stirman (01608 686776), Pam Bennett (01608 685606)

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