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February 2014

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St Lawrence Church Restoration Project

We are delighted that our application to The National Churches Trust has resulted in a grant of £10,000 to St Lawrence Church, as a contribution to the essential repair of the nave roof and restore decorative stonework around the door on the South side of the church.

The grant recognised the hard work and fundraising already undertaken by the village and has affirmed the efforts everyone is making.

In their announcement, The National Churches Trust said:-

The National Churches Trust is delighted to support St Lawrence’s with a grant towards the Restoration Appeal. The National Churches Trust is the leading national independent body concerned with the protection and welfare of Christian places of worship throughout the UK. We help faith communities maintain and enhance the buildings in their care in practical and innovative ways. It tries to ensure that churches, chapels and meeting houses survive and flourish to help local people and inspire visitors. Rising costs and fundraising are only two of the challenges faced by those managing these unique and special places. The Trust strives to raise public awareness about the challenges that congregations whatever their denomination are facing and works in partnership with national, regional and local organisations to help places of worship so that they can serve their local communities. For more details please visit our website www.nationalchurchestrust.org, contact our office on 020 7600 6090, or by email at info@nationalchurchestrust.org.

How can you help?

The Trust receives no financial aid from government or church authorities. We receive hundreds of requests for help each year and can only offer grants towards a limited number of projects. You can help by joining as a Friend and making a donation. The more people that join, the stronger our voice as your national representative will be. The subscription is  £30 per year.  Friends receive regular newsletters and special offers. Information is available on our website or by telephone. We offer secure facilities for making donations on our website. If you are a UK taxpayer please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation.

Make a one off donation via our website.

If you would like to look into remembering us in your will, please contact the office to ask about legacies, or visit our website.

If you have access to the internet and use Facebook or Twitter please ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the Trust. Our Twitter address is @NatChurchTrust and links to these sites can be found on the home page of our website, www.nationalchurchestrust.org

National Churches Trust,
31 Newbury Street, London EC1A 7HU

Tel: 020 7600 6090
Fax: 020 7796 2442

Web: www.nationalchurchestrust.org

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