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February 2014

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Whatcote Road Sewer Problems

The News last month reported the project to replace the sewer from the pumping station to the top of Whatcote Road. Matters took a serious turn for the worst on Christmas Eve when the sewer collapsed causing the complete blockage and in effect the failure of sewer services to Whatcote. Readers may not be aware that Whatcote effluent is pumped up into the Whatcote Road sewer.

To prevent overflow a tanker turned up late Christmas Eve to transfer the waste from the top of the road and back into the sewer near the pumping station. The operator Tom, stayed over the Christmas holiday working continuously to ensure that matters were kept flowing only leaving on the 27th December when he was relieved.

It is a timely reminder that there are many unsung heroes working over holiday periods who we often take for granted.  I am sure that Oxhill and Whatcote (if they are even aware of the problem they currently face) are all grateful to Tom and others who work unseen at this and other times of the year.

You will be pleased to know that Tom was well looked after by residents of Whatcote Road who kept him supplied with food and drink which included a full Christmas dinner, for which he was very grateful.

The problem continues and as the News goes to press we have 3 tankers working on the Whatcote Road. The replacement work is scheduled to begin at the end of January and the work should be completed by the end of April. During the work expect considerable disruption as a result of the necessary road closures.

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