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March 2014

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Hancocks of Oxhill -
and other parishes in South Warwickshire

I am putting together a regular newsletter, to be sent out by email around every 2 or 3 months with current research including information on wills, and transcripts, interesting stories, queries even blind allies and anything else that might interest Hancock researchers.

I would suggest that the newsletter will be of interest to those with research interests in Hancock, Hancocks, Hancox and other derivatives of the name originating in and around around the villages of Brailes,  Butler Marston Combroke, Ettington, Kineton, Oxhill, Pillerton Hersey, Pillerton Priors, Wellesboune including Walton in South Warwickshire and other areas such as Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon, Tredington now in Worcestershire and villages over the border into Oxfordshire. Recent Hancock research by myself and others has included:

1. Looking at the 16th and 17th century wills for Hancocks at Pillerton, Brailles and Tredington.

2. Isabella Hancox of Tredington and the Hancocks at Pillerton and her connection to the Hathaway family. She married Bartholomew brother of  Ann Hathaway Shakespeare’s wife.

3. The early origins of the Hancocks of Oxhill.

4. Early maps of the area.

5. The Hancocks of North West Oxfordshire near Oxhill & Brailes.

6. Newspaper cuttings.

If any readers wish to receive a copy of this newsletter and / or contribute please let me know.  I would look to producing the first newsletter by the end of March. It would be sent by email, free of charge. It will probably go out to between 15 to 20 interested parties. If you or any one researching the Hancocks of Oxhill wish to contact me regarding their Hancock family tree that would also be fine.

Best regards, Roger Hancock,

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