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May 2014

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WOT2Grow - Your Community Orchard

Another busy month at the orchard! At the end of March, having purchased a scythe, we had an expert come to the orchard to show seven of us how to set it up and use it. It was a perfect day with a little rain at lunch time which was just what we needed as the grass cuts better when damp. A fascinating day and great to be continuing an old skill which is also very therapeutic and sustainable.

Examining the peened bladeWe continued our Pests and Diseases course with John Edgeley and went hunting for signs of aphid etc. We didn't find any pests but some evidence of fungi on the raspberry canes. Something to keep an eye on the coming weeks.

Grass cutting has started in earnest and the dandelions are having their heads chopped off as soon as they stand up above the rosette of leaves! The wild flower areas will be cut with the scythe so we can regulate the height and allow the young plants to fight against the grass etc.

Following the rain of the winter we are getting feed into the ground to replace the vital nutrients that have been washed through. All the trees have been fed and we are now onto the raspberries  but some still need weeding!

We are now at the end of our grant funding and  need to ensure we raise sufficient funds to pay for our outgoings. Feeds, mulches, insurances and general running costs  all need to be covered and we rely on our members who pay a small annual fee to help towards this expenditure. If you would like to join us come along to one of our sessions on a Wednesday at 10:00 and a Sunday at 2:00 or contact one of the team listed at www.wot2grow.co.uk

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