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June 2014

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Garden Club

Our annual plant sale was held on 15 May and we were blessed with superb weather on the evening for our outdoor sale of every kind of outdoor (and some indoor) plants - be they annuals or perennials. We had quite a selection of vegetables too.

It always amazes me how kind and thoughtful our community is in expending their time and generosity to enable this event to take place. There is little profit to be made but a small proportion is taken by the Club. It enables people to sell a glut of one thing in exchange for a shortage in something else, or if you are setting out to create a new area in your garden there is such a variety available that you could pretty well establish this from our sale alone.

Thank you everyone for all your efforts over the last few months to enable the Club to hold this event yet again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Don't forget the Garden Party next month on 24 June at 7pm at the Hedley's and let's hope summer will have finally arrived for us.

Sue Hedley

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