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August 2014

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Summer holidays are now in full swing, and with them various Holiday Clubs and Children’s Activities, as well as Holiday at Home for those at the other end of the age range. Looking on to September, may I commend this year’s Ride and Stride event taking place on Saturday, September 13th.  Full details are given elsewhere, but it is a glorious opportunity to undertake a sponsored horse ride, bicycle ride or walk between the churches of this Deanery, many of whom will be open to provide refreshments and welcome. Do take the opportunity to enjoy our glorious countryside, visit our churches, and support the Historic Churches Trust.

Deanery Synod will be meeting again on Tuesday, October 21st at 7.30 pm, when we look forward to going to Cherington: full details next month.

I do hope that you will continue to enjoy your summer, in the glory of God’s creation.

August 4th is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. As an Act of Commemoration, there will be a Reflective Vigil Service for Remembrance, Peace and Reconciliation in St. Lawrence’ Church, Oxhill, on the evening of Sunday, 3rd August, at 6.30 pm, to which everyone in the villages of Tysoe, Oxhill and Whatcote are warmly invited. It will be an opportunity for us to hear our own stories of WW1, and it would be lovely if people were able to bring along any photos or memorabilia that they may have, that can be displayed in the Church that afternoon and evening. If anyone has a particular story that they would like to share, would you get in touch with me?  I hear snippets of remembered stories all the time, and it would be lovely to hear them, even if they are only a sentence

We plan to include the names of those who lost their lives in WW1: if there is anyone you would like to have remembered in this way, please would you add their name to the list that you will find at the back of Tysoe, Oxhill or Whatcote Church? 

Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Following on from our first Lunch Break, when over lunch we explored the way in which God is found in our world, we plan to meet a second time: Tom Moffatt is going to use the poetry of R.S. Thomas to help us to meet with God.  Lunch Break will meet this time in The Old Chapel, Oxhill, on Thursday, September 18th at 12.30 pm.  Anyone from Tysoe, Oxhill or Whatcote is welcome to join us for a lovely lunch and a chance to think together.  As before, it would be helpful, but not crucial, to know if you are able to come: high chair available!

Jill Tucker.  688193 
revjill.tucker @ tiscali.co.uk

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