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August 2014

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Village Hall Maintenance Day – 13 September

We are having our annual Village Hall Maintenance day on Saturday, 13 September starting at 10.00am – volunteers with many or few DIY skills will be welcome.

Please contact Stuart Whittaker on 688194 if you are able to assist.

Progressive Supper – Saturday, 4 October

This is always a great evening and one that is greatly enjoyed by new-comers to the village as it is a terrific opportunity to meet a lot of people in their own homes and this year to enjoy some Moroccan delicacies. (I can taste those lovely Tagines now!)

The format is to meet in the Village Hall for a drink and then off to various houses throughout the Village for some interesting Moroccan dishes and then on again to another house or two for more food before returning to the Village Hall for Puddings.

For the ‘traveller’ you get to meet new people, see different houses and taste lovely delicacies and for the hosts you have all the fun of welcoming people into your home but without the stress of preparing and cooking several courses to a tight schedule.

We are looking for hosts to provide a selection of Moroccan dishes for 4 to 10 guests and for those who wish to join in but are unable to host a course; tickets are available at £17.50 per head, (a bargain for a variety of good food and wine at host’s homes!)

If you would like to participate in this popular supper please telephone Diana Cronin on 680938 and let her know whether you would prefer to host a course of food (recipes/guidance is available if needed) or would like some tickets.

Mark Harrison Blues Band – Friday, 17 October

Another great gig brought to you by our favourite impresario, Pat Crowther, the Mark Harrison Band (www.markharrisonrootsmusic.com), fresh from the O2 Arena. Tickets @ £10 each will be available from Pat in September.

Village Food Festival – Saturday, 18 October

Apples, Pears, Plums, Vegetables, Jams, Chutneys, Bread & more – all from local sources – a great opportunity to show what you can do and to buy some great food!

The plan is to offer a table (or share of a table) to anyone who wants to sell, at a price that they can decide, for any of their home made produce for the donation of an item that can go into a raffle. We will then sell tickets at the door for £1 each to include a tea or coffee and a raffle ticket. The aim is NOT to make money for the Hall but to showcase and share some of the great fruit, vegetables, crafts, etc. that are grown & made in the Village. More details will follow in later issues of the News.

Please Note that Knit & Natter will next take place on 11 September.

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