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October 2014

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Suspected fuel thieves arrested in Shipston -

Now we need your help!

A Blue Vauxhall Astra Estate was stopped as it entered Shipston from Tredington direction at 3.30am on Tuesday morning. The vehicle was uninsured and the Driver unlicensed. There was a strong smell of diesel to the Driver and his passenger and both had an extensive criminal history. The pictures attached to the above links show some of what was found in the car. Both males were arrested on suspicion of going equipped to steal. The Astra was also running on red diesel so has been given to Revenue and Customs.

The arrested males have been released on bail while we continue investigations. We have had no reported thefts of diesel or damage to diesel tanks since the arrests. If you or anyone you know has had any amount of fuel stolen or damage caused to fuel tanks in the area since 1st September and not reported it please call us on 01789 444670.

Please share this message as best you can because the more people see it the more likely we are to get find where this diesel has been stolen from.




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