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November 2014

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Garden Club

On September 18th members were treated to a talk by Christine Vick of the National Herb Centre, sited just the other side of Edge Hill, on ‘Growing and Using Herbs.  Christine’s slides illustrated the development of the Centre and introduced us to a range of herbs grown there, sold to beautify and encourage wildlife to gardens and, ultimately, to be readily available for use in cooking and, perhaps, medication. As well as being given propagation and growing tips, we were told some of the history and folklore surrounding these plants and given the opportunity to purchase a number of varieties specially brought along for the occasion.

Antarctic explorer Frank Wild CBE had his last wish granted 72 years after his death when his ashes are laid to rest alongside Sir Ernest Shackleton in a tiny graveyard in one of the remotest places on earth.

On October 2nd at the Old Chapel Angie Butler and Carolina Martella respectively gave illustrated talks on ‘Frank Wild - Polar Explorer’ and ‘Ice Tracks Expeditions’.  In last month’s Oxhill News it was suggested that ‘the evening should prove to be colourful, exciting and entertaining’ – it was, in (garden) spades!

Angie has published a book on Frank Wild based on her researches into this man’s extraordinary life and his close friendship with Ernest Shackleton with whom he experienced the hardships of the frozen wastes of Antarctica. We were shown unique contemporary photographs of various polar expeditions that took place in the first two decades of the twentieth century and were enthralled by the story of Angie’s detective work in discovering the whereabouts of Wild’s ashes in what was Nyasaland and then getting the agreement of governments and individuals to re-locate them to a grave on South Georgia alongside that of his friend Shackleton. For a fascinating read visit:


Angie & Carolina run a company that organises guided tours both to the Arctic and to Antarctica. These take place in a small but beautifully fitted out vessel specifically designed for these excursions.  Wildlife at both of the Poles is very different and Carolina, herself from the coldest regions of Patagonia, showed us some amazing close-up photographs of the indigenous flora and fauna.  Whereas the Arctic is peopled and bordered / ‘owned’ by seven different nations, Antarctica is by international agreement an uninhabited, except for small scientific communities, ‘nature reserve’ and, to a large extent, protected from exploitation. Long may it remain so.

Douglas Nethercleft

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